List of items to get for an American Bulldog puppy

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These are all great value and we have used ALL of these items and can recommend them.


81DSRTfJILL._SL1500_.jpgDurable leash of the right length. This is the exact one we use on our dogs.


51nq+I02QpL._SL1025_.jpgAn American Bulldog should be in a choke collar – please ensure it is the correct size. This is the exact one we use on some of our dogs.


91tPaC1My0L._SL1500_.jpg48 inch Large crate – this is the perfect size for an American Bulldog – from puppy size to full adulthood. We highly recommend that American Bulldog puppies have a crate that they can be comfortable at home. These pups have very sharp teeth and will be biting and chewing anything they can if left without supervision. This includes various items that can cause blockage in their intestinal tract, electrocution if they bite into a wear, and so much more. Unless you have your full attention on the puppy, he must stay in the crate. Never discipline or punish a puppy when he is in the crate. He must know that it is his safe space and his home that he can go to whenever he wishes.


81L6Sf-F8-L._SL1500_.jpgPad for the crate. Please ensure your puppy does not chew it. If your puppy begins to chew the pad, remove the pad immediately so the puppy learns not to chew it.


Extra-large training pads

Large height adjustable food/water bowls. It is important that the puppy maintains proper posture while eating/drinking and that the bowls are not on the ground.


61E5UAlt+gL._SL1000_.jpgDog food – Royal Canin Maxi Puppy. We have tried a significant number of various dog foods. At the end of the day, consistency in quality is critical and some of the more “boutique” premium dog foods are highly inconsistent from bag to bag. What you want are the following: 1) Good, hard stool 2) No gas 3) No tear staining 4) No other discoloration of the fur around the body 5) No rashes 6) High digestibility indicated by consistent weight gain. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Note for example which brands actually have enough know-how to produce dog food specifically for pregnant and nursing dogs. Royal Canin does.
41TeXNCu0FL.jpgCosequin tablets for joint health. An American Bulldog’s growth is significant until the age of 9 months. There is significant strain on joints and ligaments during this critical period. This helps in proper development.


Dog waste bags and dispenser
Unscented baby wipes
51DJK+uksfL.jpgOdor-Ban odor eliminator – great for washing and disinfecting surfaces and floor, not just masking the smell.



There are not many toys that American Bulldogs cannot destroy.

These are very durable with a guarantee:


819XiB-cR5L._SL1500_.jpgThese horns are typically good quality.
They are good for a pup to chew on to stay occupied while he still has baby teeth. Up until around 3-4 months of age. As soon as he starts splitting it with his teeth needs to be thrown away though.


710vKbhF-5L._SL1280_.jpgDean & Tyler Tug Bundle. These are typically good quality and perfect for pups any age.

910hWy+vc8L._SX522_.jpgColloidal silver is a natural weak antibiotic with antifungal properties. It can cure minor ear and eye infections. Safe to use as eye drops even. Can be given orally as well.




If you ever need a good probiotic, this one is great and can help normalize digestion/stool.



519X31pnnOL._SY679_.jpgIf your dog has eaten sticks or dirt or if you need to remove minor toxins, Entersogel is very effective. Mix one or two tablespoons with a little bit of water and administer orally 1 hour before and/or 1 hour after each meal. Also helps with browning fur under the eyes / head / paws. This is our first go-to item whenever a dog of any age has loose stool. Highly effective and must-have for any household with pets. Enterosgel is extremely safe and you cannot overdose on it. The contents are not absorbed through the intestinal tract and just pass through the system collecting the toxins within.


81ZlsLXPygL._SY679_.jpgCoconut oil is good in small doses – if you need to administer pills you could dip them into the oil and the dog will likely eat the pill.



71oEvAD4B1L._SL1000_.jpgPanacur C dewormer – make sure you provide the correct dose for the pup’s weight.



milbemax-dog-2-pack.jpgMilbemax is a much more potent and effective dewormer than Panacur. It comes in pill form and is only administered once, instead of 3 days in row in the case of Panacur. Please ensure you follow dosage guidelines as the dog can and will be poisoned as a result of an overdose.


71Ay-MXLzxL._SL1500_.jpgLife Jacket for swimming – make sure you order the correct size. Typically a pup over the age of 9 months old we require the Extra-Large size


81NLUBuQ4mL._SL1500_.jpgIf you reside in an area with fleas and ticks, this soap shampoo is all natural, foams pretty well compared to alternative shampoos, and lasts longer. Can be used regularly if needed.


1190RX_L_vvs_000.jpgFor flea and tick medication, we recommend NexGard from the age of 2 months through 6 months old. NexGard is administered monthly. The advantage of NexGard over other flea/tick medication is that it also works against demodex mites.


1201RX_L_vvs_000.jpgFrom 6 months of age and older, we recommend American Bulldog owners switch to Bravecto. Bravecto can only be administered to dogs over 6 months of age. It is administered once every 3 months, and just like NexGard, this medication is effective not only against fleas and ticks, but also against demodex mites as a preventative / treatment measure.

81As0DvIlPL._SY679_.jpgApple Cider Vinegar with the Mother is great for overall health when administered orally in small quantities distilled in water. Also, a solution of 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1 gallon water can be used on the dog’s entire coat to reduce shedding and increase skin/coat health. Do not wash off – let air dry.


311b97XHvpL.jpgTranspore tape for tying the pup’s ears if they don’t lay forward on their own.



61Im5898XmL._SL1000_.jpgIf you need a muzzle, this one tends to fit an American Bulldog. Please make sure sizing is correct.