Breed Standard

American Bulldog Breed Standard

Grand Future Pharaoh - Grand Champion
Grand Future Pharaoh – Grand Champion

Being that of a great powerful dog showing strength, endurance and alertness. Powerfully built, but active.

Males to be 23 – 28″ at withers. Weight. 90 – 150 lbs. (Slightly larger or smaller is not a fault). Females to be 20 – 26″ at withers. Weight. 70 – 130 lbs. (Slightly larger or smaller is not a fault).

Expression: intelligent with keen alertness. The head should be square or have a round basketball look, and well muscled. The “STOP” should be deep and abrupt.

Should be broad, not long and narrow. Length of “MUZZLE”: Not less than 1 inch to not
more than 3 inches. (Preferred length: 2 to 2 1/2 inches).

At least 1/4 to 1 inch (Undershot) depending on size of dog and shape of head.

Almond-shaped to round, medium-sized.

Normal Color. dark brown.

Cosmetic defect: light brown, gray.

Disqualification: blue.

Grand Future Hi Hope - Grand Champion
Grand Future Hi Hope – Grand Champion


Small to medium, carried close to the head, or rose ears.

Slightly arched of moderate length. Very muscular – almost equal to the head in size.

Fairly compact with wide deep chest. The loin is wide, muscular and slightly arched.

Strong at the root and tapering to the hocks (normal relaxed position; however, many will carry their tails over their backs, especially when excited or walking).

Short and soft.

Grand Future Hurricane - Grand Champion
Grand Future Hurricane – Grand Champion

Solid white;
All shades of brindle (white, red, yellow, blue, brown, black or gray);
Red and white;
White color must comprise 20% or more.

The combined front assembly from its uppermost components, the shoulder blades, down to the feet should be muscular and slightly sloping. The “Forelegs” are to be straight. Bone structure: medium to heavy – to be able to carry a large dog.

Broad with muscies tapering well down the leg to show speed and strength, but not quite as large as shoulders.

Full black mask; cow-hocked; splayfooted; even and scissor bite; glass eye(s); docked tail (can be registered, but will be prohibited from the “Show Ring”).