Food and Diet

As an American Bulldog owner, the choice you make concerning your puppy’s food and the quantity of that food is critically important to your dog’s health and quality of life.


Grand Future Shamrock (Lucky) pictured with -78 lbs of beef -7.3 lbs of beef liver -5 lbs of beef kidneys -4 lbs of beef heart -2 lbs of beef oxtail
Grand Future Shamrock (Lucky) pictured with
-78 lbs of beef
-7.3 lbs of beef liver
-5 lbs of beef kidneys
-4 lbs of beef heart
-2 lbs of beef oxtail
Please keep in mind that an American Bulldog can grow from the weight of 1 lb to well over 100 lbs in just the first 12 months. The stresses on joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones during this growth period are extreme. As a result of improper diet, your puppy could develop hip or elbow dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, or other related problems. It is important to avoid unintentionally complicating your puppy’s development by feeding it milk, yogurt, or any other calcium-rich foods. We like to stick to large breed puppy dry kibble and occasional boneless raw beef.


Reading the actual scientific research on the subject of dog food diet as it concerns large breeds will dispel many unfounded myths that tend to get repeated on the internet.


Contrary to popular belief, protein content on its own appears to have no effect on bone/joint development based on studies conducted. Claims that large breed puppy food will cause accelerated rate of growth are scientifically unfounded. In fact, the ingredients specifically unique to large breed puppy food such as glucosamine and chondroitin help modulate (slow down) the rate of growth.


There is scientific research consensus that bone/joint development problems in large breeds are caused by genetics, overfeeding, and elevated calcium intake. 


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Comparison of Ingredients in Typical Dry Kibble Dog Foods
Calcium Glucosamine Chondroitin Protein Fat Fiber
Large/Giant Breed Puppy Dog Food Lowest Highest Highest Higher Lowest Lowest
Regular Puppy Dog Food (Adult weight < 50 lbs) Lowest None None Highest Highest Lower
Large/Giant Breed Adult Dog Food Highest Highest None Lower Lower Higher
Regular Adult Dog Food Highest Lower None Lowest Higher Highest

Glucosamine and chondroitin are important for proper joint, ligament, and cartilage development in large breeds.