Grand Future Kennel American Bulldogs in the Media

At Grand Future Kennel, we believe that our extensive breeding expertise has value for the overall breed and we work to provide educational information to new American Bulldog breeders and owners through the RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN BULLDOGGERS community, established in 2016. Only through community, open sharing of experiences, and constant honest re-evaluation of one’s breeding program can the average quality of dogs in this breed improve. Of course, our burning passion for this wonderful breed fuels our quest for constant self-improvement and a never-ending desire to learn.


Grand Future Kennel went as far as self-publishing an American Bulldog Magazine in Russia in 2006. In 33 pages, a wealth of information was presented in the form of interviews with a renown professional dog trainer, a veterinarian, and a breed expert-judge. The publication also provided specialized advice on how to test newborn puppies’ temperaments. It is timeless and relevant today as it was in 2006.


In 2017, the prestigious and most popular canine publication in Russia, the Friend Magazine (Магазин Друг), dedicated 16 pages to feature the American Bulldog breed and an interview with Olga Sushko, owner of Grand Future Kennel. The interview is titled “Everyone knows Grand Future!” – which is quite true when speaking of the American Bulldog community in Russia.

Grand Future American Bulldogs are typically impressive in stature and size, highly intelligent and obedient, and possess the right kind of temperament for media work. If you are looking for photogenic American Bulldogs or simply large dogs with great presence to feature in any type of media – film, TV commercials, print advertising photo-shoots, or events, please do not hesitate to contact us. And yes, that includes swimmers.

Grand Future Efim (American Bulldog) with an infant. A gentle giant.