Phone Consultation for Breeders and Pet owners

We provide consultation for American Bulldog breeders and pet owners worldwide by telephone/Skype. Fee is $75.00 for each 30 minute block. To schedule your consultation, please remit payment here. Please be sure to specify your phone number and email address. We will get in touch with you shortly.

For owners: Having produced hundreds of American Bulldogs since 2000, we have extensive experience in advising our own dog owners concerning proper raising of the puppy, health & nutrition, behavioral correction, and everything else that goes with American Bulldog ownership. The plain reality is that although veterinarians tend to have a good amount of generalized knowledge, misdiagnosis is extremely common and oftentimes proper diagnostic procedures are simply not followed. With our advice for your unique situation, our goal will be to most efficiently address the specific problem, and the by-product of our process is usually tremendous cost- and time-savings at the veterinarian’s office. After our initial conversation, if we are unable to provide any meaningful guidance based on your situation, the consultation fee will be refunded.

For breeders: Selective canine breeding is extremely complex. The number of variables at play are in the hundreds. We are happy to give feedback on potential breedings being considered, share out methodology/philosophy that continues to improve the genetic health of the dogs, and our pragmatic approach to selective breeding. Most people new to breeding tend to initially make the same common mistakes. Our goal is to make your breeding program a success based on your own criteria that you define. Of course that criteria is likely to become significantly more refined as we share our wealth of experience with you.

For veterinarians: We advise veterinarians mostly on issues outside the scope of general practitioner veterinary education. This includes best practices for ensuring that developing puppies’ immune systems are not adversely affected, and hard-to-diagnose cases that involve the immune system. Generally, around 80% of dog “allergy” cases are misdiagnosed or inadequately diagnosed. We can make recommendations concerning diet as well. For example – Did you know that the so-called Urinary Care prescription food diets’ mode of function is to simply overload the dog with salt to increase thirst? The side effects of such dog foods can be devastating if not fatal over time, including organ failure. Veterinarians are often surprised at the precision of the specific guidance we provide without ever having a chance to physically see the dog. We also provide veterinary hospital process protocol guidance to help reduce mistakes, errors, and omissions.

Please be assured that consultations remain strictly confidential and your situation will not be shared with anyone else for any reason unless expressly given permission to do so in writing by you. In that instance, we could share the information anonymously, as educational material for fellow American Bulldoggers.

Please note that our advice is not a substitute for veterinarian healthcare. We are not licensed veterinarians.