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Grand Future American Bulldog Puppies generally range from $4,000 to $10,000. Regardless of price, all of our puppies come with a comprehensive contractual financial genetic health guarantee. Price varies based on a wide range of factors. Please call us at 626-487-5523 for detailed information.

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Please note that unless otherwise agreed in writing, the deposits are non-refundable. The following instance is the only exception allowing the depositor to receive a full refund of the deposit:

– No puppy is available in the litter toward which the deposit was made & there are no upcoming similar-quality litters within 6 months, as deemed by Grand Future Kennel. For example, if you reserve 3rd pick male but only 2 males were born. In this instance, by depositor’s choice, the deposit can be returned via PayPal or the deposit can be advanced to a future litter. In some instances, the purchase price of the dog may be different for the given future litter, and this information will be provided to the depositor prior to making the decision of whether to receive the deposit back or advance the deposit to a future litter.

If the depositor is unable to purchase the reserved puppy for any reason, the deposit is not returned. If we have difficulty establishing contact with the depositor after the reserved puppy is born and are unable to receive concrete confirmation of the depositor’s plan to purchase the puppy, we will send a notice in writing with a deadline for a response, and if no response is received by the deadline, the depositor forfeits the deposit and the puppy will be released from the reserved status. If the puppy pick up is scheduled by air with the puppy flying from us as carry-on with the buyer, we must have a copy of the flight itinerary by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old unless otherwise agreed in writing. If we do not receive this information in a timely manner, then the depositor forfeits their deposit and the puppy will be released from the reserved status.

We charge a fee of $50/day for caring for a purchased puppy after the age of 8 weeks old (56 days) until the puppy is picked up by the buyer. If the puppy is scheduled to be picked up after 8 weeks old, full purchase price is due by the age of 8 weeks old (56 days). Otherwise the full purchase price is due at pick up of the puppy.