Common Misconceptions of What is Normal – Farting (gas), Staining, Loose Stool

There appear to be some misconceptions concerning what is “normal” for an American Bulldog.

For the purpose of this article, “food” is everything the dog eats. This may include inedible things they pick up when you’re not looking – sticks, grass, poop, etc. Also any medications.

1) Contrary to popular belief, farting is not normal. A dog farting indicates a problem with digestion of the food that the dog is being given. This encompasses everything that dog eats, not just the main dog food. Everything else – treats, etc. must also be considered as a potential cause.
It is all too common when a person is asked “What do you feed your dog?” they answer “ONLY dog food” And yet, as the conversation continues they fess up to feeding the dog human food, processed dog treats, and more.

2) Brown staining around the eyes/muzzle is not normal. That’s typically yeast. That is usually a reaction, again, to something in the food that the dog is consuming.

3) Browning of the claws is not normal. That is also yeast.

4) Stool that is not solid enough that you can’t pick it up out of the grass without leaving a trace is not normal.

5) Dark color urine is not normal. Strong urine smell is not normal.

6) Having to force the dog to drink enough water is not normal.

There may be environmental causes to 2) and 3) beside food in some instances, but most of the time it’s because of the food.

And a warning regarding feeding food that is prepared for human consumption – cheese burgers, fried chicken, etc. – that stuff nearly always contains ingredients that are very poisonous to dogs. You can be certain that you are actively destroying the dog’s overall health and drastically shortening the life span of the dog by feeding the dog such poisons. Note that almost all grocery store chains in the US, including Costco, appear to chemically treat the beef they sell. You want to find fresh meat that has not been chemically treated. Butcher stores for example.

We always tell owners – if you want to express your love for your dog through food, give the dog fresh, raw beef with minimal fat and no bones. Freeze for 3 days (kill parasites), then defrost in room temperature, then throw in boiling water (kill surface bacteria) for 20 seconds right before feeding. Raw meat is THE most delicious thing for a dog, and it is full of nutrients.

Note that cooked meat has barely any nutritional value for a dog.