Common Locomotion Problems

Rachel Page Elliott is one of America’s most respected authorities on canine locomotion, and her unique illustrated lectures on the subject have done much to awaken breeders and judges all over the world to the importance of recognizing the rights and wrongs in the way dogs move. Her book, Dog Steps, was selected as “Best Dog Book of the Year” by the Dog Writers Association of America in 1973. The American Kennel Club later created a video based on her book. Dog Steps is still valued as a premier resource on the topic of canine movement.


A long time member of the fancy, Mrs. Elliott, along with her husband, Mark, bred Golden Retrievers under the Featherquest banner. She was also active in many kennel clubs, including the Golden Retriever Club of America, where she once held the office of president. In addition, Mrs. Elliott served on the Board of Directors of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for 13 years.


Mrs. Elliott, who retired from lecturing 25 years ago, now resides in Massachusetts where she creates wooden jigsaw puzzles.


Rachel Page Elliott is affectionately thought of by many as the “First Lady of Canine Locomotion.” – quote from video description.