American Bulldog Puppies For Sale – Grand Future Elysium x Grand Future Thunder

Puppies born August 14th, 2019
Dewormed, vaccinated including against rabies, microchipped, registered with pedigrees, and ready to go.
2-year contractual money back health guarantee against the following genetic health problems – hip and elbow dysplasia, patellas, ligament tears, cataracts, heart, kidneys, thyroid, ichthyosis, cryptorchidism and any neurological disorders including epilepsy and NCL.

We do not stipulate return of the dog or any other unreasonable conditions in honoring our health guarantee. We simply refund money in the case of above-mentioned genetic health problems up to the total purchase price of the puppy. Every disease on this list has been either extremely rare or completely non-existent in our breeding program since 2000.

Extremely high quality litter - all pups with brown eyes, full tails, good pigment, total conformation to breed standard without any disqualifying traits. Grand Future Kansas only available on co-ownership terms given his evaluation. Every puppy in the litter currently deemed to have high potential as a breeding prospect. If you as a buyer is interested in working with us within our kennel breeding program, special pricing and payment terms are available. We provide extensive assistance and guidance for the life of the dog whether you're looking to raise your dog as a family pet or have interest in breeding.





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Puppy Photos and Videos

Grand Future Kingston & Kansas (males) at 3 months old

Grand Future Kiss & Kailua (females) at 3 months old

Grand Future Kailua - Female American Bulldog Puppy - Available

Grand Future Kansas - Male American Bulldog Puppy - Available

Puppies at 6 weeks old