Grand Future Shamrock – Available to Stud

Available to stud

DOB – JULY 25, 2016
Penn Hip 0.47/0.48 | OFA Eblows normal
OFA patellas normal, OFA spondylosis free / spine normal, OFA cardiac normal
NCL: clear, Ichthyosis (ICH): clear

Height: 26.0 inches (66 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (55.8 kg)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Sperm can be shipped worldwide

Lucky is a very particular kind of American Bulldog. He is full of contradictions!

Despite his height of over 25 inches, he is extremely athletic and nimble. His large unobstructed nostrils and big trachea, combined with a well-defined muzzle, allow him to be out in the sun with no strain even at 110F for hours at a time. He is full of energy.

Lucky has been professionally trained in both obedience and protection since a very young age. He is full of confidence.

He does not bark just to bark. When you tell him to lay, he “jumps” into the lay position, all the while his full attention on you.

He is fully socialized with people and other dogs.

He is extremely food-oriented. Lucky loves to swim.

Lucky has a very good natural stack. Despite his very large size, his rear angulation is ideal and he is very muscular and strong. His movement is very effortless yet solid. Excellent locomotion.

Lucky’s jaw is extremely strong and wide and is filled with very large teeth. He is missing one top P1 premolar – a tiny tooth that is inconsequential for any kind of function – whether biting, holding, or anything else.

His natural instincts are very sharp. He fears nothing – not loud sounds even on July 4th, not groups of people, not new surroundings, not anyone or anything. He goes anywhere like he owns the place.

His temperament is as bulletproof as they come… and yet, when you pet or otherwise reward him, he will lick you ’till the cows come home (no – he is not very slobbery at all) and roll over for a belly rub.

Lucky is a 5th generation Grand Future American Bulldog

If interested in breeding with Lucky, please contact us by email,on Facebook or phone – 626-487-5523.

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