About Grand Future – American Bulldog Kennel

American Bulldog breeder since 2001, Grand Future Kennel, based in the Las Vegas area in Nevada, USA, is home to 12 Grand Champions and 34 Champions spanning 9 countries.

American Bulldog - Grand Champion - Grand Future Pharaoh and kennel founder/owner Olga Sushko
American Bulldog – Grand Champion – Grand Future Pharaoh and kennel founder/owner Olga Sushko

Dogs produced by our American Bulldog kennel have been successfully trained and certified in defense and obedience. We breed for functional and balanced temperament allowing for the American Bulldog to be a family member and a companion while having the drive and intelligence to perform desired functions.


Grand Future Kennel is registered under FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and NKC (National Kennel Club).  We have always bred to a significantly stricter breed standard than the current American Bulldog breed standards under U.S.-based registries. Dogs with the following characteristics are not shown at conformation shows or bred in our kennel:

1. Full black mask – this genetic trait is usually a result of another breed having been infused into the gene pool.

2. Kinked tail – this is considered to be a genetic defect of the spine and it may adversely affect the given dog’s offspring’s health. Usually a dog with a kinked tail itself is not at risk of health complications as a result of the kinked tail.

3. Blue eye(s) – a genetic mutation with possible health consequences and/or a genetic trait that is a result of another breed having been infused.

4. Coat colors other than white, white/brindle, or white/red – any colors beside these is usually a sure sign that another breed was infused into the gene pool.


We are proud of the dogs we produce. We have many repeat buyers – over 30 families have purchased 2,3,4, and even 5 dogs. Our dogs generally love children and have balanced temperament.

American Bulldogs - Grand Future Kennel
American Bulldogs – Grand Future Kennel

We have always worked with diligence to improve our line of American Bulldogs.

Having produced over 500 dogs in 7 generations, we have history and data that allows us to make some conclusions that we believe are significant.

1. The very common problem of hip dysplasia that afflicts this breed is nearly non-existent in our kennel.

2. Our dogs tend to have normal locomotion – good movement due to anatomically sound physical structure.

3. Our dogs have never torn ligaments, which leads us to conclude that such problems are likely hereditary in nature.

4. Our dogs have never prematurely died from heart problems, which leads us to conclude that such problems are likely hereditary in nature.

5. Our dogs tend to breathe well.

6. Our dogs tend to live long.

7. Our dogs have never been afflicted with cancer at a young age. The earliest instance of cancer has been encountered at 8 years of age by one dog. The remainder of cases have been documented at over 10 years of age.


We don’t cut corners.


The biggest tragedy for an owner is in having to care for a sick dog as a result of poor breeding, and be absolutely helpless as that dog passes in their arms. Exorbitant medical bills end up being paid to prolong the time together even by just a little with the beloved family member.


As with any animal breeding program, our kennel is not immune from problems. The owners’ happiness with our dogs is paramount to us. We resolve any occasional problems that do arise to the owner’s satisfaction because we take pride in what we do, and we do it really well.

American Bulldog puppies - Grand Future Kennel
American Bulldog puppies – Grand Future Kennel

Hearing the “Thank you!”s from owners of our dogs after years or even a lifetime is the greatest gift of all. This drives us to continually improve. We maintain contact and help our owners in any way we can; even at 4AM or during a vacation since we have owners all over the world in various timezones.


Our breeding expertise enables us to deliver healthy, beautiful, strong, and intelligent American Bulldog puppies. We provide a contractual health guarantee against the following genetic health problems – Degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, knees, elbows, cataracts, entropion, ectropion, heart, kidneys, thyroid, epilepsy, ichthyosis, generalized demodex, cryptorchidism and any neurological disorders including NCL.


Our conversation with a prospective owner always involves questions to understand the kind of dog the person would like – the more details the better. If so inclined, the prospective owner can request guidance in picking the puppy based on personality and activity level, temperament, phenotype, and more.


We evaluate our puppies at 6 weeks of age on a variety of parameters.


Prices usually range from $2500-$3500 and a $500-$1000 deposit is required. We are always direct with advice pre- and post-sale and you can be sure you will have the information you need to succeed even if this is going to be your first American Bulldog puppy.


Whether you’re looking for a fantastic pet, working dog, or a show dog, let our expertise serve you. Because we stand by the quality of our work, we want our owners to participate in our breeding program and we are happy to provide the necessary guidance.


Join us in our mission of continuous improvement in producing the best American Bulldogs possible!